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We are a self-pay clinic only.
We do not accept health insurance.


1-hour Initial Consultation + Foundations for Wellness Scan $225.00 

Your appointment time is dedicated to only you, as we do not overbook our clients. If you’re late to your appointment, you’ll only be seen for the remainder of your appointment time, to avoid delays for other clients. Our questionnaire does take some time to fill out (approximately 15-20 minutes), please fill them out prior to your appointment time or plan to arrive early.


Pricing for ZYTO Scans


Today's Immunity for Wellness: $175
The six main components to a healthy immune system consists of the gastrointestinal system, immune system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, mental/emotional stress, and sleep. These six components are measured more closely to help determines which areas of immunity may need the most support. (Example of scan)
Estimated Time: 5 minutes


Lifestyle: $250
The four core systems of the body consist of the detoxification system, gastrointestinal system, hormonal/endocrine system, and the immune system. In order to maintain a healthy life, the four systems need to be balanced. The Lifestyle scan determines what categories need to be corrected to fulfill this goal. (Example of scan)
Estimated Time: 25 minutes


Digestive: $150
The digestive system has a large influence on how the body and mind function. Because there are millions of neurons in the stomach lining, the stomach is often referred to as the body’s “second brain.” The Digestive Scan begins with scanning the primary digestive stressors in the body and can identify personalized data about your stomach’s health. (Example of scan)
Estimated Time: 15 minutes


Wellness: $150
A wellness scan is conducted to give us a general idea of what is going on in the body. It measures all biocommunications of the different components that make up our body, which provides insights into your personal wellness and helps determine a starting point to get the body aligned and balanced.
Estimated Time: 7 minutes


Foods for Wellness: $125
One diet that is optimal for one, may not be optimal for another. This scan addresses everyone’s bio-individuality and show what your body has a biological coherence or incoherence response to. It is NOT an allergy or toxin scan, but it can help guide your future diet and nutrition choices.



Hormones: $100
Hormones, in fact, not only control the reproductive system, but are necessary for the numerous other physical, mental, and emotional functions. The hormones scan addresses the most out of balance hormones, which will also help to improve or maintain your overall health.


Vitamins & Minerals: $75
Addresses the vitamins and minerals presently found in your body and which ones your body has a better response to.



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